Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ileana to Go For Imported Padded Bras, leaving Silicon Implantation Treatment aside

There are many top heroines in Tollywood but Ileana has caught the fancy of the youth like never before. Ileana is now the heartthrob of the youth in the state. She also can carry any type of costume with style and elan.

But unfortunately, Ileana has a deficiency. Her bosom is not that well endowed as her fans would like it to be. This has put her costume designers and directors to some trouble as they were unable to show her in hot exposing scenes like they would like to. Hence the cameraman depends only on her curvy hip to project her with sex appeal. Ileana is famous only with that hour-glass figure.

Before Ileana planned to go in for silicon implants but is stated to have changed her mind as she learnt that it came with some side effects.

So this time, her costume designer has come to her rescue. He has suggested her to go in for skin tone padded bras from Paris. Now Ileana fans could be in for a ‘big’ surprise when they see her in her new film, probably. Then, looking at her guys may really become ‘devadas’s’!!!!